Currently, when the resources are becoming scarce day by day and the global energy market demands more power generation at a low cost, high thermal energy, rapid installation, environment compliance, operation, reliability, flexibility and minimal wastage. Our Steam Gas Combined Power Generation plant facilitates you with numerous benefits including meeting your energy requisites and taking the power plant performance to another level altogether
Steam & Gas Combined Cycle Plants

The development of Steam & Gas combines cycles has now a days paralleled gas turbine development, resulting in highly reliable and performance driven combined cycle plants. These plants that we provide are capable of achieving great efficiency levels primarily due to higher firing temperatures of greatly advanced gas turbines. Our combined cycle power generation product range includes steam cycle options to satisfy a broad array of economic considerations subsuming duty cycle, fuel cost, fuel flexibility and space limitations.

Uses of Steam & Gas combined cycle plants

Our advanced technology oriented Steam & Gas combined cycle plants provides better improved of electric power generation comparatively at a lower rate with stupendous environment performance in coal-fired and natural gas applications. These features are further enhanced by the evolutionary development by up to the minute technologies and our extensive experience in the field, which assures minimal maintenance requirements and convenient operation. Our turbines possess broad capability on gaseous and liquid fuels that is also perfect for many other operations.

The major uses of Steam & Gas combined cycle plants include:

  • One of the basic uses of these plants is that they aid in the generation of electricity and the waste heat from the plant is used to generate steam for developing additional electricity using a steam turbine.
  • These plants are being adopted widely for base load power generation across the globe.

Features of Steam & Gas combined cycle plants

The major design and operation features of our Steam & Gas combined cycle plants include:


These plants give inherent reliability advantages over their traditional counterparts. These plants operate at the unpretentious steam conditions which permit the use of simpler designs and thus, these deliver over 97% reliability.

Impulse Staging

Impulse staging makes the high power density driven steam turbines possible which supports fast cycling aiding in rapid load changes.

Lesser number of stages

The design of the plant relies on a wheel and a diaphragm design. This helps in harnessing more energy in every stage and only half the number of stages is required to generate the required energy.

Fast Cycling

The impulse design used in these plants gives the advantage of fast cycling. With the change in the turbine load, steam temperature also changes creating a rotor thermal stress. This can easily limit the rate with which a turbine generator can change the load along with the number of the load cycles which the rotor can tolerate.

Our plants design features small-diameter solid steel monoblock and large radii wheel fillets which aid in reducing the concentration of the thermal stress for permitting rapid load changes.

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