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Business Solutions in Banking & Finance Industry

We are professional consultants and service provider for commercial business transactions.
Our Main Services include

Bond Redemption (Different types of Bonds)
Banking instruments such as Bank Guarantee / SBLC / MTN etc. from world’s leading banks
We have special rates which we can offer to our valued customers to satisfy their needs.We work on ”Bank to Buyer terms” where buyer has no hurdles to get approvals.Once document diligence is done and passed to the bank, compliance officer directly calls buyer to complete document work.
Currency Exchange programme

Other Services

We issue trading portals to service contractual commitments debentures from our Principles with and for issuing banks, cutting houses, securities firms and global custodial agents facilitating transactions between commercial banks, government institutions and private wealth clients. This affiliation along with network of experienced professionals, have combined resources that can provide unique private financial services utilizing cash backed collateral issued by banks and private wealth worldwide. These bank debentures or Central Bank issued instruments are usually in the form of Bank Guarantees (BG), Government Bonds or held Sovereign Wealth Funds.

These respected relationships allow us to remain on the cutting edge of the financial industry and further ensure our clients a great service. Our distinctive approach to solving your unique goals may be achieved by utilizing creative financial solutions while minimizing risk. We are able to adapt to dynamic situations relating to specific economic conditions or regions, while maintaining our client’s immediate and long-term financial objectives.

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