Metals & Mineral

Metals and Minerals

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Since Inception of our group we have been engaged in trading of metals and minerals. We source directly from mine owners or export houses.All of them have ready stock and have been working in respective areas for more than 10 years. We can offer below products on FoB terms.


We mainly deal in copper scrap, copper cathodes, copper wire scrap, pure lead,Lead Concentrate, Heavy Metal Scrap(HMS) etc. We can handle orders of huge quantity in all the metals stated above and deliver on time.



Most common minerals we deal into are Iron Ore (61 to 64.5% purity), Copper Ore, Rock Phosphate etc. And below the minerals with special applications.


It is a high quality drilling grade Barite (Barium Sulphate) used to increase the density of drilling fluids. It is the most widely used drilling weight material due to its high specific gravity .It meets API 13A requirements.



It is used to increase the density of any mud system while maintaining rheological properties


  • It does not react with other drilling Fluids or hamper their functioning
  • It is chemically inert and insoluble



It is a drilling grade Bentonite which is naturally occurring clay .It is a High Yield Natural Sodium-montomorillonite.

We offer bentonite meeting API 13 and OCMA standards.


It is Viscosifier and Filtration control agent for water based Mud Systems. It is used in drilling muds for

Controlling borehole stability.It is utilized in drilling muds to extract drill cuttings from the bit.


  • It helps improve hole cleaning capacities of drilling fluids.
  • It is effective as a filtering agent.
  • It promotes borehole stability.
  • It can be added directly to fresh water or fresh water based drilling fluids.