Water Treatment

The world is currently facing serious water shortage due to global warming and also facing the problem of water pollutions. We are having efficient Water Treatment Technology named, iQPR (Infinitesimal Quantum Persistent Reflection). It is based on quantum physics and is a green technology. No microbes or chemicals are added. iQPR Technology completely utilizes the natural wave and eliminated any side effects arising from the chemical methodologies. This new Technology is being used to treat dirty, stench, odour, dark, etc. water to become clear water.
It is powerful and sage in health, environment, livestock, plants, etc. These are being made applicable in treating,
(1) Sewerage Treatment Plant,
(2) River, Canal,
(3) Retention Pond, Recreational Pond, Fish Pond, etc.
(4) Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant
(5) Underground Water.
It is not just a new green technology, but is perfect for today’s requisites where we cannot afford to use any chemicals in the water being treated.
What we do? We aim to attain a better life and good health for the mankind by restoring the required balance for the nature and creating a benevolent living environment. With the ethics of ecological eugenics and environmental development taken into account, we are devoted towards the improvement of mental and physical health of mankind through iQPR emphasizing for restoration of the various original life forms. Features of iQPR Technology iQPR technology being used for water and waste treatment is the only patented quantum physics application being used in the field of the world environment protection. By fully utilizing the natural wave frequency, it can treat polluted water to a great extent without infusing it with any harmful chemicals. In fact, there is no electricity consumption as well.

The major features of iQPR technology subsume:

  • iQPR technology can be applied to a broad range of liquids, solids and gases perform a quality alteration as per the requirement and without the usage of any harmful products
  • iQPR is a completely green technology and does not involve any usage of energy or chemicals or any other valuable resources.
  • Besides using the energy stored in the air around us, it uses the wave frequencies of micro-molecules in water and air.
  • When dealing with soil or water pollution, iQPR technology heavily relies on scientifically processed chemicals free mineral water which is capable of producing poison-free and harmless food.
  • Since iQPR technology is completely free from chemicals, it treats and cleans up pollution without infusing any pollutants to the environment.
  • iQPR technology is an vast technology which can be applied to innumerable areas of life.
  • Today, a wide range of iQPR solutions revitalizing and healing polluted earth, allowing the people across the globe to recover from pollution filled life in the most natural manner.
  • The application of iQPR technology is cost effective and simple and it does not require any costly infrastructural changes. It is only aimed at rejuvenating the eco-system for a healthy environment.

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